Week 7 Predictions

Blogged by Pedro as MML2006 Week 7 — Pedro Sun 14 May 2006 10:18 pm

Matchup #1 Dickman Vs Pedro

If Pedro continues with his current trend, you can bet he’s going to lose.  But hell, stranger things have happen.  Dickman’s proven that he’s got a good team and can hang with the top of the pack, but Pedro’s team has a lot of potential and could provide an upset.  And he might just have TMB access next week while at work.

Dickman 6-3


Matchup #2 MHD Vs. Luke

Luke hasn’t had much success lately and he’s going up against a Horndog that has had two non-winning weeks and looking to prove he deserves that top spot.  Luke’s only hope is to come out strong and pray that Tyson is to drunk and busy in Vegas to mount a comeback.

Tyson 7-3


Matchup #3 Gibby Vs. Krueg

The second most interesting matchup this week.  Gibby’s been absent from TMB since his new job, but it hasn’t effected his team too much.  The Wookie is coming off some good wins and it might be too much for Gibby to handle.  On the upside, the beating that the wookie could give Gibby might straighten out that lazy eye.

Krueg 6-4


Matchup #4 Pate Vs. Duke

This isn’t even going to be a true match up.  No amount of poetry is going to save Duke this week.  With Pate coming off the VL (which didn’t effect his performance), he should be able to be too much for Duke to handle.  Even with all of Duke’s travels, he won’t be able to put together a win this week.  Duke should just make a team of his cousins to play with, they always seemed to be able to do anything.

Pate 8-2


Matchup #5 Tim Vs. Lackey

With both teams coming off horrible loses, Lackey will still lose.  With Tim trying to make up for last week, he should be trying to put the smack down on Lackey.  Also, with Tim being one of the few MMLers to have seen Juiced, he’s going to be extra inspired to put up a win…playing this week with one thought in mind….WWOJD.

Tim 7-2


Matchup #6 Luke Vs. Mantis

Andy stands on the top half of the Bachelors division, but both him and Grant had winning weeks and are looking to continue their streak.  This one could go either way, but a feeling better Grant is something to be worried about.  Luke’s best chance at a decisive win is if for some reason Grant lets Mia make the decsions this week.

Mantis 6-4


Matchup #7 Phil Vs. Paul

This shouldn’t even be a challenge for Phil whether he’s playing or not.  Paul had a dismal performance last week (hell, even Pedro would have stomped his weak ass) and nothing good looks to come from this week.  Paul’s only chance is to send Phil pictures of Paul’s sister to distract him throughout the week (Paul’s sister jokes never gets old).

Phil 7-2


Matchup #8 Jimmy Vs. Strode

Here is the matchup of the week. With Strode making some decent showing against MHD, he’s pretty prepared for this match.  Strode might be experincing some back problems, but it should be just what he needs to get his balls back from the wife.  Jimmy just better hope he doesn’t sprain his ankle walking around in some fat bitch’s shoes.

Jimmy 5-3

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