MML2006 Week 9 Predictions

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levitra - buy levitra - order levitra - levitra online - purchase levitra Matchup #1 Pate vs. Paul

My how the mighty have fallen. After 4 losses to open the season, Paul is starting an upswing though…thanks to Carl Crawford, Jimmy Rollins, Travis Hafner, and pretty decent pitching. Pate is 5th in Runs, 2nd in HRs and 1st in RBIs, but is 12-11-1 in those categories. Pitching has never been a problem for Pate, and it’s just a matter of time for the offense to click on all cylinders week in and week out no matter the opponent. The only way Paul has a prayer is to make a Benson like deal with his players that if Andy teabags his sister, then all of them can…wait…didn’t that happen? Hafner and Crawford “goes off”, but everyone else is gay.

My Prediction: PAIN (in my best Mr. T voice) Pate wins 7-3 even though MHD hates all trades involving Pate.

Matchup #2 MHD vs. Gibby

Battle of Division Leaders. With the horndogette out of town, fresh off of a Vegas trip, and Juiced finally going out w/ the ad campaign…things are looking up. But too much red meat and beer gets the best of MHD as he slacks on setting his lineup (he doesn’t set it for early games for the 2nd week in a row). Gibby’s new job at the track yields little time for TMB, but he manages to keep Pujols in the lineup and doesn’t trade him to Pate.

Prediction: Tie 4-2-4 while Ollie throws a no-hitter and MHD doesn’t complain about that trade.

Matchup #3 Krueg vs. AndJob

Krueg lost to Pedro. Krueg lost to Pedro. I thought I’d type in twice in case you missed it. Poor Krueg. Sounds like he needs to make a deal (to Pate). Andy tells Krueg he wants to teabag his sister. Krueg Wookies-out and beats the living tea out of Andy. AntNoJobLikeAWookieBeatingMyAss changes his name. What of the teabagging request. Lemme tell you what now. Krueg’s gonna call up a couple a hard, pipe-hittin’ niggas and go to work on the holmes here with a pair a pliars and a blowtorch. You hear me talkin’ AntNoJobLikeAWookieBeatingMyAss Hillbilly Boy? I ain’t through with you by a damn site. I’m gonna get medieval on your ass. AndJob never makes tea again.

Prediction Krueg 30-1

Matchup #4 Tim vs. Pedro

Add these 2 two together…these two have an .819 winning percentage. Pedro is making a case to not finish in the cellar. He got a good matchup this week versus Tim. I think Pedro will pass Luke this week. Tim knows he’s playing in a Yahoo league and not Stoney’s…right? Tim is last in the league in offense and he is hanging his hopes on a Josh Barfield and CoCo Crisp revolution. He needs to trade Vladdy for a couple of keepers (to Pate preferably) and think about next year.

Prediction Pedro 6-2

Matchup #5 Duke vs. Lackey

Got some advice. Lackey…drop Chacon and stream that position. I would also shop Holliday around for some offense (an OF and 1B) while the iron is hot. Duke…Drop freaking Baldelli, Aurillia, and McCann already (or trade them…but I doubt you’d have many takers). Pick up some pitching. Make something happen w/ pitching…you have a decent offense. Duke has 7 transactions (that’s 0.875 transactions per week) and Lackey has 5 transactions (or 0.625 transactions per week). The transactions averages for the top eight in the league are 3.375 transactions per week. The averages for the bottom eight are 1.3125 transactions per week. What does this mean. Not a damn thing b/c you won’t read this to take some advice anyway. Duke gets in good w/ his offense and wins the rate stats and wins (b/c Lackey’s pitching sucks).

Prediction Duke 7-3

Matchup #6 Jimmy vs. Phil

The Bulls’ lottery has Phil all stoked for not caring about his team. Jimmy tries to continue his non-losing ways (hasn’t lost since week 3). But neither team cares so much that both end up losing. Mantis gets pissed that people don’t care so much…bearclaws them both b/c Jimmy spilled beer on him again and Phil rants about pink elephants and pringles.

Prediction Mantis wins 10-0

Matchup #7 Mantis vs. Dickman

Mantis is too busy bearclawing Jimmy and Phil that he bearly remembers to beat the living crap out of Dickman. Dickman is 4th in the league. Did I just type that…maybe he’ll be the most improved team. Besides SBs, Dickman’s offense is unreal. That doesn’t make any sense. I suppose Johnson, Jeter, Blake, and Jones are all having good seasons…who would’ve thought. He “bolstered” his SP by adding Lowe (he’s 5-7-4 combined in Ws and Ks against the rest of the league). Mantis wins SBs, SVs, Ks, and ERA. That’s it though.

Prediction Dickman 6-4

Matchup #8 Strode vs. Luke

Strode Loses all his money on blackjack and deals w/ the wife (and cat for that matter) for being insensitive to the needs of the family (self-centered goat). Luke…I don’t know you and you never talk on TMB. You suck. It’s tough to predict suckiness…but based on the W-L and cumulative stats for these teams I’ll say Strode wins Rs, SBs, OBP, and Ks. Luke wins the rest as he asks Gibby for Mrs. Goat’s number.

Prediction Luke 6-4

YOU ALL SUCK…nothing in the trash talk thread since May 16th besides Gibby giving well-wishing to MHD.

MML2006 Week 8 Results

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Matchup #1  Pate vs. Lackey


Prediction: N/A


Pate had a 3 game winning streak and Lackey was limping in with a 5 game losing streak.  Lackey needed a miracle.  He didn’t and is now tied for the worst losing streak in the league at 6 weeks (w/ Pedro).  Pate equaled a league best 4 game winning streak along and picked up Hoffman in the process (even though he is tied for third in the league in saves).


Result Pate  8-0-2


Matchup #2  MHD vs. Tim


Tim didn’t have a chance.  Here’s the splits.  Tim’s offense 12-26-2 and MHD’s 25-14-1.  Tim’s pitching 20-182 and MHD’s 25-13-2.  Tim didn’t have a prayer offensively (except stolen bases…whewhoo).  He picked up saves and whip…but lost to a much better squad.


Prediction: N/A


Result MHD 7-3


Matchup #3  Krueg vs. Dickman


Krueg abandoned streaming after horrible starts for Floyd and Trachsel.  Didn’t help his cause as he lost the cumulative stats along with the rate stats in the pitching categories.  The hitting was split.  Notables were Nick Johnson (traded to Dickman from Pate for Derek Lowe…who he then traded for in the Hoffman deal).  Also notable is that Dickman has the weakest strength of scheduling…interesting stat…huh Krueg?


Prediction: N/A


Result Dickman 6-2-2


Matchup #4  Gibby vs. Phil


Interesting matchup of 1 vs. 3 in the Bachelor division.  Phil is recovering from his first week of summer school while Gibby finally shows up on the board to talk smack to MHD for next week.  Shouldn’t talk too much smack if you can’t even own your own division.


Prediction: N/A


Result Tie 5-5


Matchup #5  AndJob vs. Jimmy


Jimmy took a 3 game winning streak into the second place AndJob’s matchup.  Man…Jimmy put up some real good offensive numbers (47-10-43-4-.427).  Youklis had 12 freaking runs.  However, AndJob showed why he’s second.  Even though he played a great offense…he managed to take HRs and SBs.  He took the pitching rate stats and wins to manage a tie.  Good for you guys.  BTW…I was being sarcastic.


Prediction: N/A


Result Tie 5-5


Matchup #6  Paul vs. Luke


Crawford, Zito, and Hafner might just save Paul’s season.  He beat a tough Luke team (not really…his only win was against Krueg in week 3).  It’s interesting that Luke has the strongest strength of schedule…he maintains that status as he loses to a resurging Paul.


Prediction: N/A


Result Paul 6-4


Matchup #7  Duke vs. Pedro


Even though Pedro passed the 1,000 post mark…he still hasn’t put much effort into his team (only 7 transactions…maybe he’s just distracted and mad that midgets don’t have to go to jail or the money he lost on the blackjack table).  That being said…he played a team that pays even less attention (just 3 transactions) and pulls out the W out of a bank teller machine somewhere in Vegas and is riding high on a 2 game winning streak.


Prediction: N/A


Result Pedro 6-3-1


Matchup #8  Mantis vs. Strode


Strode’s crap for poetry and Vegas-hype didn’t did help his fantasy baseball team.  Mantis golf w/ hot chick did…well…sort of.  I don’t really call a 5-4 win a drubbing by any means…but it’s a W and he’ll take it any way he can (and especially if she’s Asian).  Strode, however, still hasn’t taken much of anything lately (and especially if she’s Mrs. Goat).


Prediction: N/A


Result Mantis 5-4-1

Week 7 Predictions

Blogged by Pedro as MML2006 Week 7 — Pedro Sun 14 May 2006 10:18 pm

Matchup #1 Dickman Vs Pedro

If Pedro continues with his current trend, you can bet he’s going to lose.  But hell, stranger things have happen.  Dickman’s proven that he’s got a good team and can hang with the top of the pack, but Pedro’s team has a lot of potential and could provide an upset.  And he might just have TMB access next week while at work.

Dickman 6-3


Matchup #2 MHD Vs. Luke

Luke hasn’t had much success lately and he’s going up against a Horndog that has had two non-winning weeks and looking to prove he deserves that top spot.  Luke’s only hope is to come out strong and pray that Tyson is to drunk and busy in Vegas to mount a comeback.

Tyson 7-3


Matchup #3 Gibby Vs. Krueg

The second most interesting matchup this week.  Gibby’s been absent from TMB since his new job, but it hasn’t effected his team too much.  The Wookie is coming off some good wins and it might be too much for Gibby to handle.  On the upside, the beating that the wookie could give Gibby might straighten out that lazy eye.

Krueg 6-4


Matchup #4 Pate Vs. Duke

This isn’t even going to be a true match up.  No amount of poetry is going to save Duke this week.  With Pate coming off the VL (which didn’t effect his performance), he should be able to be too much for Duke to handle.  Even with all of Duke’s travels, he won’t be able to put together a win this week.  Duke should just make a team of his cousins to play with, they always seemed to be able to do anything.

Pate 8-2


Matchup #5 Tim Vs. Lackey

With both teams coming off horrible loses, Lackey will still lose.  With Tim trying to make up for last week, he should be trying to put the smack down on Lackey.  Also, with Tim being one of the few MMLers to have seen Juiced, he’s going to be extra inspired to put up a win…playing this week with one thought in mind….WWOJD.

Tim 7-2


Matchup #6 Luke Vs. Mantis

Andy stands on the top half of the Bachelors division, but both him and Grant had winning weeks and are looking to continue their streak.  This one could go either way, but a feeling better Grant is something to be worried about.  Luke’s best chance at a decisive win is if for some reason Grant lets Mia make the decsions this week.

Mantis 6-4


Matchup #7 Phil Vs. Paul

This shouldn’t even be a challenge for Phil whether he’s playing or not.  Paul had a dismal performance last week (hell, even Pedro would have stomped his weak ass) and nothing good looks to come from this week.  Paul’s only chance is to send Phil pictures of Paul’s sister to distract him throughout the week (Paul’s sister jokes never gets old).

Phil 7-2


Matchup #8 Jimmy Vs. Strode

Here is the matchup of the week. With Strode making some decent showing against MHD, he’s pretty prepared for this match.  Strode might be experincing some back problems, but it should be just what he needs to get his balls back from the wife.  Jimmy just better hope he doesn’t sprain his ankle walking around in some fat bitch’s shoes.

Jimmy 5-3

Week 6 Results

Blogged by Pedro as MML2006 Week 6 — Pedro Sun 14 May 2006 9:04 pm

Matchup #1 Jimmy Vs. Pedro

Prediction: Jimmy 8-2

Pedro put up a good fight, but in the end his only average offense and sub par pitching still dominates the lose column. If only Pedro’s HRs could equal his SBs. Apparently Jimmy’s ability to sway fat bitches also works on baseball players too. And he got a new pair of shoes out of the deal too.

Result: Jimmy 6-3


Matchup #2 Strode Vs. MHD

Prediction: MHD 7-3

Well, with both teams coming off a losing week, I guess neither team was ready for a win. So a tie it is. This is still a step up in the right direction…Strode can’t get a win at home and seems the trend continues into the league. I’m sure we’ll all hear the excuse from Tyson that he had to work soooo much that he just didn’t have time to put the whopping on Strode he promised. But at the end of the day, we still got Juiced.

Results: Tie 5-5


Matchup #3 Lackey Vs. Krueg

Prediction: Krueg 7-3

Well, the wookie is on a tear and continues to show his dominance against his opponents. It sure doesn’t hurt to go against a weak player like Lackey. With tax season way past done, we can only expect to keep seeing the wookie bare his fangs and rip arms off.

Result: Krueg 6-2


Matchup #4 Tim Vs Pate

Prediction: Pate 5-4

Even though Tim crawled out of someone’s hole long enough to make a few posts on TMB, he couldn’t overcome a VL Pate. Unfortunately for Pate, no one in the top four really faulters so he’ll see no advancements this week. Tim looks to making run at Pedro’s dominance at the bottom of the rankings.

Results: Pate 7-3


Matchup #5 Paul Vs Gibby

Prediction: Gibby 8-2

Gibby is making a strong contention for first in his division. He’s got one eye on the top spot and the other eye on…well who knows where that lazy fucking thing is pointed. Paul is just proving once again that the only thing he brings to the table is his sister.

Results: Gibby 7-3


Matchup #6 Luke Vs Andjob

Prediction: 4-4

From his high vantage point on top of the fridge, Andy was able to find all of Luke’s weak spots and take advantage of him…he was also able to play some good baseball. I’d like to make a few more comments, but these no posting fuckers don’t give me much material to work with.

Results: Andjob 7-3


Matchup #7 Mantis Vs. Duke

Prediction: Mantis 9-1

Duke put up some great offensive points, but let’s face it, most of what Duke does is offensive. But the overall stats were in Grant’s favor. Let’s just hope Grant’s team isn’t tested, I’ve heard he’s sharing his meds.

Results: Mantis 6-3


Matchup #8 Dickman Vs. Phil

Prediction: Dickman 5-4

Jimmy was bound to get at least one prediction right and this was the one. But it could have gone either way as the stats show. I still haven’t made up my mind if Phil is really not paying that much attention or that’s just an excuse for weeks that he loses. But no matter, Dickman has proved he’s not a mexican’t.

Results: Dickman 5-4

Week 6 Predictions

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Match up #1: Jimmy vs. Pedro

I think I’m gonna write a song, and its title will be “Pedro Sucks”. But hey, thanks for Papelbon. Pedro continues his cellar dwelling ways, allowing Jimmy to step up into the upper eschelon of the league record-wise, not talent wise, yet…

 Jimmy wins 8-2


Match up #2: Strode vs. MHD

Will the Horndog be reeling from the Taco Bell Ringing beating he took last week? Doesn’t matter, this is the Goat we’re talking about. If strodus would just quit giving his players to Pate, maybe he would have a shot, and this week A-Rod has no spanish delemmas to deal with.

MHD wins 7-3


Match up #3: Lackey vs. Krueg

Wookie is on a tear, and Lackey is not around. I think Kev will start to cool off a bit, but that really won’t matter in this one.

Krueg wins 7-3


Match up #4: Tim vs. Pate

With Pate out on the VL, Tim has a real opportunity here. Or maybe Pate will have extra free time to construct a solid ass whipping of Timmay. Or maybe someday I will pay enough attention to the other teams in the league other than who I am playing to give decent predictions. Who knows?

Pate wins 5-4


Match up #5: Paul vs. Gibby

Paul, you are a worthless cocksmoker. Your mother is fat, and likes to eat your sister’s ass while Andy shoves his balls in her mouth. Although I will admit she does give a good blow job, and those videos from several years back were nasty to the point of being scary. I just never knew you could get a horse, a monkey, and a midget to work together like that. Oh, you are gonna lose this week too.

Gibby wins 8-2 (you think my comments might bring Paul around?)


Match up #6: Luke vs. Andjob

Andy comes in fired up after a loss to Phil, but Luke is in the same situation. I think this one is gonna come down to the wire, with all involved being disapointed at the end of the week.

Prediction: Tie 4-4


Match up #7: Mantis vs. Duke

Look out dukie, a chemically enhanced Mantis is coming off the DL, and he’s bringing the bearclaw with him. Ole Bessie has got some sweet lovin comin to her after this one.

Mantis wins 9-1


Match up #8: Dickman vs. Phil

This one is gonna be interesting. Phil coming off his crushing of Andy, Dickman from his ass whipping of MHD. I gotta go with Taco Ball in this one. You get that dickman? i tink yu ar gunna win. But then again, Phil might turn off the PJ cd long enough to make a game of it.

Dickman wins 5-4 

Week 5 Results

Blogged by Jimmy as MML2006 Week 5 — Jimmy Tue 9 May 2006 4:12 pm

Match-up #1:  Dickman vs. MHD

 Prediction: 7-3 MHD


Donde esta el Horndog? Our favorite enchalada lovin, American citizen makin, no green card wife havin, burrito eater lays the hot sauce down on MHD. I mean, come on? You think guys like A-Rod are gonna help you beat someone married to a mexican? Que pasa? Or in spanish, No. Maybe you should have gotten OJ’s help.

Taco ball 6, Horndog 4


Match up #2: Timdawg vs. Krueg

Prediction: Krueg 6-4


Tim takes the immortal words of C3P0 to heart. “Let the Wookie win.” The post tax season charge contiues for the Wook as Tim manages to rip off a Pedro-esque 1 win. Maybe we should all be pissed at Kev’s wife for making him miss his April 17 celebration, as it appears he is still taking out his frustrations on our beloved league.

Wookie NINE, timdawg 1


Match up #3: Goat vs Dukie

Prediction: Goat 7-3


Cows win! Taking a page from his hero Dusty’s managing style, in which the cubbies managed to score 9 runs over 9 games, with something like 852 consecutive scoreless innings (hell I lost count of the actual #), Goat takes his ass whipping like the little girl he is. Although bessie the milk cow may have been looking forward to some frustration lovin, Dukie comes out way ahead.

Duke wins 7-2


Match up #4: Mantis vs. Paul-ass

Prediction: Mantis 6-4


Bear claw on DL. Paul ass not around. Man that would have been a tough one to predict. I’m not going to say anything, for fear I may piss the Mantis off, making him come to my house to rip my head off, causing him to have a heart attack and keel over. Oh who am I kidding? He could kick my ass without much strain on anything.

Paul wins 7-3


Match up #5: Phil vs. Andjob

Prediction: Andy 6-4


I’m assuming that due to spacial concerns in the team name field, it actually means “Ain’t no job like a hand job from gay ass Andy”. Cause this week he sure was a giver. Giving up 7 to the guy who’s sorta playing. Does this mean Phil is really gonna start playing now?

Phil wins 7-3


Match up #6: Pete vs. Gibby

Prediction: Gibby 8-2


“Oh no, we suck again!” Was the only quote from pedro’s locker room after Gibby’s victory. Well pedro, at least you aren’t the worst team in the league, oh, wait, yes you are. Sorry if I gave you a false bit of hope there. Just give the goat a call and ask him about “next year”.

Gibby wins 4-3


Match up #7: Luke vs. Pate

Prediction: Pate 9-1


You see what happens when you let the Goat talk shit about your team? You were lucky to survive Luke’s onslaught. Even after whining about how well Luke started off, Pate manages to pull it out in the end. Yes dickman, I said “pull it out!”

Pate wins 6-4


Match up #8: Jimmy vs. Lackey

Prediction: 0-0 tie


Well the goat was right about 1 thing, Jimmy’s team did show up drunk. But after fighting off the hangover, and getting ditched by a chunky chick (she did have really, really big tits) Jimmy is able to overcome in the end. Well Lackey, at least you aren’t as bad as pedro, and the Rangers are playing well!

Jimmy wins 6-4

Week 5 Predictions

Blogged by Strode as MML2006 Week 5 — Strode Mon 1 May 2006 11:29 pm
Match Up #1: Dickman vs. MHDWell, I am afraid that Dickman’s “look at me, I’m in 2nd place!” days are coming to an end. He will begin the week marching for the equality of his people and just won’t recover. MHD’s offense will come on strong and end up whipping the enchilada shit out of him. I don’t see this one going too far in the week…..

Prediction: MHD burrito slaps Dickman 7-3

Match up #2: Timdawg vs. Kreug

This matchup is the battle of who can be more mediocre. Two or last years most powerful teams are both not so much so far this season. Timdawg has had to change his lifestyle which has affected his managing, but that’s better than a dirt nap. It will be interesting to see who pulls this out.

Prediction: Wookie wins 6-4

Match up #3: Duke vs Goat

The Goat comes off a convincing dissapointing win over the cellar dwelling Pedro, and Duke loses to the Timdawg by the narrow margin of a cousin’s pubic hair. This will make a Goat with something to prove ready to kick the pork butt out of Duke. He can smoke some meats, but he smokes a good pole too.

Prediction: Goat gives Duke the hoof, 7-3

Match up #4: Mantis vs. Paul-ass

Oh how the mighty have fallen….. the once feared Paul is now in grave danger of a bear claw. Even with the Mantis not feeling his best, it won’t take much him to eat Paul’s head and then post pictures of his sister in the HBOTD gallery.

Prediction: Mantis wins 6-4

Match up #5: Phil vs. Andjob

This will be one of the powerhouse matchups. Andjob is back on top (with balls not exposed… yet) of his division, but Phil looks pretty good for someone who won’t have time for this this year. It will be a good match, but I forsee Andjob doing a victory dance in a speedo at the end of the week.

Prediction: Andjob 6-4 in a nailbiter, or is that pillowbiter?

Match up #6: Gibby vs. Pedro

Pete will continue to prove that he LOVES the cock! Gibby, or team Pujols that is, will smack that ass Rex Kwon Do style, and Pete will go back to trying to learn more Dragon Ball Z moves……

Prediction: No soup for Pete, Gibby wins 8-2

Match up #7: Luke vs. Pate

After an uncharacteristic beginning, Pate looks to get his ass going against the ever-present (not really) Luke-diddy. After the big controversial trade with the Goat, Pate’s new offenseive Juggernaut will hit 7 homeruns and have 25 RBI all by himself, only because I traded him, and that’s what seems to happen to me.

Prediction: Luke….. Pate is your daddy 9-1

Match up #8: Lackey vs. Jimmy

It’s a little OU showdown action. Loser becomes head basketball coach at OU, and that really sucks. After Jimmy’s nice tie against Gibby, and Lackey not fuckin’ showing up aginst MHD, this isn’t even going to be a contest. But now that I think about it, neither team will win.

Prediction: Jimmy and Lackey tie 0-0. Both teams are too drunk to play. Ouch….

Week 4 Results

Blogged by Strode as MML2006 Week 4 — Strode Mon 1 May 2006 11:28 pm

Match Up #1: Lackey vs. MHD

MHD sings a little song to Lackey alright… “With karate I’ll kick your ass, here to right over there!” Lackey is hungover all week….

Prediction: MHD wins 9-1

Match up #2: Pate vs. Kreug

The battle of Cleveland, Oklahoma goes to….. the Wookie! Pate can hit the ball a long way, but he strikes out against his oldest foe/friend. How fuckin’ poetic……

Prediction: Kreug wins 5-4

Match up #3: Duke vs Tim

Not quit as bad as predicted, but Timdawg still pulls out the close win to ensure Duke could blame it on one of his cousins.

Prediction: Tim wins 5-4, cows come home.

Match up #4: Mantis vs. Andy

Andjob busts out the banana hammock, but the fear of a bear claw keeps it close. Mantis is not feeling his best, but keeps it close

Prediction: Andy wins 6-4, and is looking for someone else to try and show his balls to.

Match up #5: Phil vs. Paul

Phil BITCH slaps Paul and treats him dirty, and Paul’s sister is sent back to her home on Whore Island.

Prediction: Paul loses 1-9, needs to come up with some naked photos of you know who to redeem himself.

Match up #6: Strode vs. Pedro

Petey’s sorry ass team was like the little puppy that lost it’s way most of the week, but the manager finally says “You got a responsibility, you gotta get out there and find that fuckin’ dog!”, and they make it respectable.

Prediction: Strode wins 6-3

Match up #7: Luke vs. Dickman

For a second place team, this sure wasn’t very impressive. I guess getting prepared for his big day with his people, he got distracted. Too bad this week he will be saying “Put it in the butt, papi!”

Prediction: Dickman wins 5-4

Match up #8: Gibby vs. Jimmy

The new and improved Team Donkeypuch pulls off an impressive tie against one upper tier teams in the league. You know this shit won’t last too long, Jimmy will lose interest, get arrested, yada, yada, yada…. I mean, well done Jimmy. You caught Gibby with his lazy eye closed!

Prediction: No extra innings 4-4

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