Week 4 Results

Blogged by Strode as MML2006 Week 4 — Strode Mon 1 May 2006 11:28 pm

Match Up #1: Lackey vs. MHD

MHD sings a little song to Lackey alright… “With karate I’ll kick your ass, here to right over there!” Lackey is hungover all week….

Prediction: MHD wins 9-1

Match up #2: Pate vs. Kreug

The battle of Cleveland, Oklahoma goes to….. the Wookie! Pate can hit the ball a long way, but he strikes out against his oldest foe/friend. How fuckin’ poetic……

Prediction: Kreug wins 5-4

Match up #3: Duke vs Tim

Not quit as bad as predicted, but Timdawg still pulls out the close win to ensure Duke could blame it on one of his cousins.

Prediction: Tim wins 5-4, cows come home.

Match up #4: Mantis vs. Andy

Andjob busts out the banana hammock, but the fear of a bear claw keeps it close. Mantis is not feeling his best, but keeps it close

Prediction: Andy wins 6-4, and is looking for someone else to try and show his balls to.

Match up #5: Phil vs. Paul

Phil BITCH slaps Paul and treats him dirty, and Paul’s sister is sent back to her home on Whore Island.

Prediction: Paul loses 1-9, needs to come up with some naked photos of you know who to redeem himself.

Match up #6: Strode vs. Pedro

Petey’s sorry ass team was like the little puppy that lost it’s way most of the week, but the manager finally says “You got a responsibility, you gotta get out there and find that fuckin’ dog!”, and they make it respectable.

Prediction: Strode wins 6-3

Match up #7: Luke vs. Dickman

For a second place team, this sure wasn’t very impressive. I guess getting prepared for his big day with his people, he got distracted. Too bad this week he will be saying “Put it in the butt, papi!”

Prediction: Dickman wins 5-4

Match up #8: Gibby vs. Jimmy

The new and improved Team Donkeypuch pulls off an impressive tie against one upper tier teams in the league. You know this shit won’t last too long, Jimmy will lose interest, get arrested, yada, yada, yada…. I mean, well done Jimmy. You caught Gibby with his lazy eye closed!

Prediction: No extra innings 4-4

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