Week 5 Results

Blogged by Jimmy as MML2006 Week 5 — Jimmy Tue 9 May 2006 4:12 pm

Match-up #1:  Dickman vs. MHD

 Prediction: 7-3 MHD


Donde esta el Horndog? Our favorite enchalada lovin, American citizen makin, no green card wife havin, burrito eater lays the hot sauce down on MHD. I mean, come on? You think guys like A-Rod are gonna help you beat someone married to a mexican? Que pasa? Or in spanish, No. Maybe you should have gotten OJ’s help.

Taco ball 6, Horndog 4


Match up #2: Timdawg vs. Krueg

Prediction: Krueg 6-4


Tim takes the immortal words of C3P0 to heart. “Let the Wookie win.” The post tax season charge contiues for the Wook as Tim manages to rip off a Pedro-esque 1 win. Maybe we should all be pissed at Kev’s wife for making him miss his April 17 celebration, as it appears he is still taking out his frustrations on our beloved league.

Wookie NINE, timdawg 1


Match up #3: Goat vs Dukie

Prediction: Goat 7-3


Cows win! Taking a page from his hero Dusty’s managing style, in which the cubbies managed to score 9 runs over 9 games, with something like 852 consecutive scoreless innings (hell I lost count of the actual #), Goat takes his ass whipping like the little girl he is. Although bessie the milk cow may have been looking forward to some frustration lovin, Dukie comes out way ahead.

Duke wins 7-2


Match up #4: Mantis vs. Paul-ass

Prediction: Mantis 6-4


Bear claw on DL. Paul ass not around. Man that would have been a tough one to predict. I’m not going to say anything, for fear I may piss the Mantis off, making him come to my house to rip my head off, causing him to have a heart attack and keel over. Oh who am I kidding? He could kick my ass without much strain on anything.

Paul wins 7-3


Match up #5: Phil vs. Andjob

Prediction: Andy 6-4


I’m assuming that due to spacial concerns in the team name field, it actually means “Ain’t no job like a hand job from gay ass Andy”. Cause this week he sure was a giver. Giving up 7 to the guy who’s sorta playing. Does this mean Phil is really gonna start playing now?

Phil wins 7-3


Match up #6: Pete vs. Gibby

Prediction: Gibby 8-2


“Oh no, we suck again!” Was the only quote from pedro’s locker room after Gibby’s victory. Well pedro, at least you aren’t the worst team in the league, oh, wait, yes you are. Sorry if I gave you a false bit of hope there. Just give the goat a call and ask him about “next year”.

Gibby wins 4-3


Match up #7: Luke vs. Pate

Prediction: Pate 9-1


You see what happens when you let the Goat talk shit about your team? You were lucky to survive Luke’s onslaught. Even after whining about how well Luke started off, Pate manages to pull it out in the end. Yes dickman, I said “pull it out!”

Pate wins 6-4


Match up #8: Jimmy vs. Lackey

Prediction: 0-0 tie


Well the goat was right about 1 thing, Jimmy’s team did show up drunk. But after fighting off the hangover, and getting ditched by a chunky chick (she did have really, really big tits) Jimmy is able to overcome in the end. Well Lackey, at least you aren’t as bad as pedro, and the Rangers are playing well!

Jimmy wins 6-4

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