Week 6 Predictions

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Match up #1: Jimmy vs. Pedro

I think I’m gonna write a song, and its title will be “Pedro Sucks”. But hey, thanks for Papelbon. Pedro continues his cellar dwelling ways, allowing Jimmy to step up into the upper eschelon of the league record-wise, not talent wise, yet…

 Jimmy wins 8-2


Match up #2: Strode vs. MHD

Will the Horndog be reeling from the Taco Bell Ringing beating he took last week? Doesn’t matter, this is the Goat we’re talking about. If strodus would just quit giving his players to Pate, maybe he would have a shot, and this week A-Rod has no spanish delemmas to deal with.

MHD wins 7-3


Match up #3: Lackey vs. Krueg

Wookie is on a tear, and Lackey is not around. I think Kev will start to cool off a bit, but that really won’t matter in this one.

Krueg wins 7-3


Match up #4: Tim vs. Pate

With Pate out on the VL, Tim has a real opportunity here. Or maybe Pate will have extra free time to construct a solid ass whipping of Timmay. Or maybe someday I will pay enough attention to the other teams in the league other than who I am playing to give decent predictions. Who knows?

Pate wins 5-4


Match up #5: Paul vs. Gibby

Paul, you are a worthless cocksmoker. Your mother is fat, and likes to eat your sister’s ass while Andy shoves his balls in her mouth. Although I will admit she does give a good blow job, and those videos from several years back were nasty to the point of being scary. I just never knew you could get a horse, a monkey, and a midget to work together like that. Oh, you are gonna lose this week too.

Gibby wins 8-2 (you think my comments might bring Paul around?)


Match up #6: Luke vs. Andjob

Andy comes in fired up after a loss to Phil, but Luke is in the same situation. I think this one is gonna come down to the wire, with all involved being disapointed at the end of the week.

Prediction: Tie 4-4


Match up #7: Mantis vs. Duke

Look out dukie, a chemically enhanced Mantis is coming off the DL, and he’s bringing the bearclaw with him. Ole Bessie has got some sweet lovin comin to her after this one.

Mantis wins 9-1


Match up #8: Dickman vs. Phil

This one is gonna be interesting. Phil coming off his crushing of Andy, Dickman from his ass whipping of MHD. I gotta go with Taco Ball in this one. You get that dickman? i tink yu ar gunna win. But then again, Phil might turn off the PJ cd long enough to make a game of it.

Dickman wins 5-4 

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