MML2006 Week 8 Results

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Matchup #1  Pate vs. Lackey


Prediction: N/A


Pate had a 3 game winning streak and Lackey was limping in with a 5 game losing streak.  Lackey needed a miracle.  He didn’t and is now tied for the worst losing streak in the league at 6 weeks (w/ Pedro).  Pate equaled a league best 4 game winning streak along and picked up Hoffman in the process (even though he is tied for third in the league in saves).


Result Pate  8-0-2


Matchup #2  MHD vs. Tim


Tim didn’t have a chance.  Here’s the splits.  Tim’s offense 12-26-2 and MHD’s 25-14-1.  Tim’s pitching 20-182 and MHD’s 25-13-2.  Tim didn’t have a prayer offensively (except stolen bases…whewhoo).  He picked up saves and whip…but lost to a much better squad.


Prediction: N/A


Result MHD 7-3


Matchup #3  Krueg vs. Dickman


Krueg abandoned streaming after horrible starts for Floyd and Trachsel.  Didn’t help his cause as he lost the cumulative stats along with the rate stats in the pitching categories.  The hitting was split.  Notables were Nick Johnson (traded to Dickman from Pate for Derek Lowe…who he then traded for in the Hoffman deal).  Also notable is that Dickman has the weakest strength of scheduling…interesting stat…huh Krueg?


Prediction: N/A


Result Dickman 6-2-2


Matchup #4  Gibby vs. Phil


Interesting matchup of 1 vs. 3 in the Bachelor division.  Phil is recovering from his first week of summer school while Gibby finally shows up on the board to talk smack to MHD for next week.  Shouldn’t talk too much smack if you can’t even own your own division.


Prediction: N/A


Result Tie 5-5


Matchup #5  AndJob vs. Jimmy


Jimmy took a 3 game winning streak into the second place AndJob’s matchup.  Man…Jimmy put up some real good offensive numbers (47-10-43-4-.427).  Youklis had 12 freaking runs.  However, AndJob showed why he’s second.  Even though he played a great offense…he managed to take HRs and SBs.  He took the pitching rate stats and wins to manage a tie.  Good for you guys.  BTW…I was being sarcastic.


Prediction: N/A


Result Tie 5-5


Matchup #6  Paul vs. Luke


Crawford, Zito, and Hafner might just save Paul’s season.  He beat a tough Luke team (not really…his only win was against Krueg in week 3).  It’s interesting that Luke has the strongest strength of schedule…he maintains that status as he loses to a resurging Paul.


Prediction: N/A


Result Paul 6-4


Matchup #7  Duke vs. Pedro


Even though Pedro passed the 1,000 post mark…he still hasn’t put much effort into his team (only 7 transactions…maybe he’s just distracted and mad that midgets don’t have to go to jail or the money he lost on the blackjack table).  That being said…he played a team that pays even less attention (just 3 transactions) and pulls out the W out of a bank teller machine somewhere in Vegas and is riding high on a 2 game winning streak.


Prediction: N/A


Result Pedro 6-3-1


Matchup #8  Mantis vs. Strode


Strode’s crap for poetry and Vegas-hype didn’t did help his fantasy baseball team.  Mantis golf w/ hot chick did…well…sort of.  I don’t really call a 5-4 win a drubbing by any means…but it’s a W and he’ll take it any way he can (and especially if she’s Asian).  Strode, however, still hasn’t taken much of anything lately (and especially if she’s Mrs. Goat).


Prediction: N/A


Result Mantis 5-4-1

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