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A rematch of last year’s championship looks to be the premier match-up of the week… if not the year. Other teams in both leagues should be looking at this match-up to see who their main competition this season. You should expect to see a lot of movement on the transaction wire from these two teams this week, and you may want to keep a close eye on players becoming available who should be hot waiver picks as both of these teams will do whatever they have to to win this match-up. I can’t even begin to make a decent prediction on this match-up so we’ll have to call it a wash.
Prediction: Tie 5-5


This one should be a tight match-up, and maybe there should be a little rivalry started with the two Tulsa members in the league. Maybe the “Oral Roberts is my gay lover” rivalry… Krueg may have the stronger pitching staff, but most of his pitchers will have to wait and see what happens the first few days. Strode’s got an offense that’s tough to keep up with at time, but it can also fall asleep. I could see either team winning 9-1 and I could also see a 5-5 tie going into the last day. This one’s just too hard to call, but Krueg showed his dedication in week one to making the moves necessary to get as many points as possible. Because of this, I have to give him a slight edge.
Prediction: Krueg wins 5-4


This should be a fun match-up as well. Andjob has one of the perennial powerhouses in the MML and Timdawg is coming off a week in week in which he would’ve beaten just about anybody. The wildcard is going to be what their pitching staffs can do because we all know the offenses in this battle are going to be intense. This may be Tim’s year, and Andjob’s team is not as good this year as it was the last two years, so Timdawg gets the slight edge in this match-up.
Prediction: Timdawg wins 6-4


It’s no secret in the MML that Luke usually sucks. Gibby always sucks too, but he’s got the better team and he at least makes some form of the playoffs every year. Gibby’s also got the more dominant pitching staff and since neither have much in the way of closers, I can’t give Luke an edge there. This one probably won’t be very close, but we can all aplaud Luke for trying every year.
Prediction: Gibby wins 7-2


Whatever happened to Paul? He used to dominate this league, and then he got engaged and married and fell faster than Andy’s cast in a rain storm. Jimmy brings in the most improved team in the league and is riding a strong Week 1. Paul might find some magic dust on his sister’s cooch and once again rise to the top, but until then, he’s probably one of the only teams that will have trouble staying ahead of Duke and Lackey.
Prediction: Jimmy wins 6-3


A match-up of the two luckiest fuckers in the league. Both teams had a very good start in week one, and both should probably expect some sort of slump in week two. Both teams are pretty crappy, but obviously capable of putting up good performances. This will be an interesting battle to watch for those of you who like to watch two snails in a boxing match.
Prediction: Duke wins 5-4


Pedro’s pitching staff is crippled for another week or two. Lackey’s team is crippled because it sucks real bad. Regardless, this will be a match-up you probably won’t bother to click on in the stat-tracker. Pedro put up a strong stand against Pate on the last day of week 1. Because of this miracle, I have to say that Pedro’s got the edge in this one, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
Prediction: Pedro wins 6-4


Phil always finds a way to win. Mantis utilized a solid draft strategy to improve his team. This is a hard call, and a lot depends on how much attention Phil pays to his team. On paper, Mantis has the edge. But Phil hasn’t finished in the top three the last two years just because he has a thing for married chicks. Mantis’ big advantage here is that he’s catching Phil before Phil really gets into it, so he should pull out the victory.
Prediction: Mantis wins 6-3

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