MML Week 4 Match Ups

Blogged by Jimmy as MML2006 Week 4 — Jimmy Mon 24 Apr 2006 11:31 pm

Match Up #1: Lackey vs. MHD

MHD will be able to rest his entire offense Wed. through Sunday, but will again struggle on the mound. Yet after a long conversation with the Ill. crew and the purchase of a Village People DVD, he will learn how to make a grown man “pitch”.

Prediction: Humming “In the Navy” MHD wins 7-2

Match up #2: Pate vs. Kreug

Pate wakes up from the hangover to find himself straining to reach the hair on the Wookie’s back. A post tax season surge leads to a huge week for Krueg. But lets be honest, what the fuck do I know.

Prediction: Kreug wins 6-4

Match up #3: Duke vs Tim

Duke continues his roll from week 3 in his masterful effort to catch Pedro in the “Who sucks the most” contest. Tim becomes the second in a long line of ass whippings Duke is preparing himself for. The cows in 7 states become nervous as Dukie looks for an outlet to release the stress this season has only begun to cause.

Prediction: Tim wins 9-1, cows lose.

Match up #4: Mantis vs. Andy

This ain’t Paul’s sister, chief. Andy whips out the teabag early, then learns just exactly what the bear claw is all about.

Prediction: Mantis wins 6-4, Andy out 2-4 weeks with what doctor’s are calling “torn sack syndrome.”

Match up #5: Phil vs. Paul

Even though Phil won’t have beers with his fellow OKC MML’ers, he doesn’t generate enough bad Karma to lose this one. Phil manages to keep focus as, mysteriously, naked pics of Paul’s sister appear in the NSFW forum (dude, Paul, you really shouldn’t have naked pics of your sister).

Prediction: Paul loses 3-7, MML’ers win.

Match up #6: Strode vs. Pedro

Eletricity knocked out by storm in Tuttle, and no one notices. But seriously, Thanks for Jason White. Cubs lose, but Strode wins with newly patented “Goat Chew Kung Fu”.

Prediction: Strode wins 8-2

Match up #7: Luke vs. Dickman

O how i mis tha gud old days. taco ball rides agin. the hot sause is just to much for Luke as he gos down for the count with miny burito chops to the face and head areas.

Last edited by “dickman”   4-22-2006, 1:05am.

Prediction: Dickman wins 6-4

Match up #8: Gibby vs. Jimmy

A classic match up between the Lazy Eye and the Asshole. Gibby’s team looks better on paper, but with many shitty comments and about a thousand 4 letter words Jimmy dominates the week.

Prediction: Jimmy wins 10-0 (eat me, it’s my post you fuckers!)

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